Preseason: 2-2

Next Up: vs. Bucks (Mon, Oct 20)

The Knicks are struggling in preseason, but it’s not something we should be too worried about. The triangle will take a long time to get used to and defensively we just don’t have good personnel. I just hope they don’t run Melo into the ground during the season to make up for it, because this season isn’t all that important in terms of wins and losses. It’s more about the learning process and highlighting our future needs.

I do think we should still be a playoff team in the East. It’s not like Melo is going to be completely on his own like last year - Hardaway is looking good, I’m expecting a big year from STAT and the likes of Shump and J.R. should bounce back from a disappointing season. But it’s not going to be easy and we’re learning that early in preseason.

"[Melo] has just touched the surface of his greatness and I think we have a guy that has a lot more to offer. Carmelo took less money — even though it seems rather minuscule — but it’s enough for us to have flexibility in the coming year and then as the years go on the pie’s going to get bigger, things will happen."

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